Sunday, June 21, 2020

Slightly Silly Spells app for Android initial release

Slightly Silly Spells app for Android is available in the Google Play Store!

101 simple, slightly silly, spells to cast for everyday life. All spells use commonly available  ingredients, if needed, to cast. No magical talent or power required.

Grouped in nine categories: Ability or Power, Animals and Insects, Appearance, Chance or Fate, Feeling or Emotion, Finances and Spending, Food, Protection, and Weather, the spells cover a multitude of circumstances, such as making you less likely to mispronounce words and feeling warmer in the sun. Share your cast spell to Facebook and Twitter.
This app and all of its content is for entertainment purposes only.

Get it on Google Play


Wednesday, May 6, 2020

MedBetterBUY 5.1 Chrome extension maintenance update

Version 5.1 of the MedBetterBUY Chrome extension has been released to the Chrome Web Store.

This update patches a filtering issue caused by a recent eBay change, and should restore full functionality to the extension.

Monday, January 6, 2020

MedBetterBUY extension adds country and seller search listing filters

By user request, version 5 of the MedBetterBUY Chrome extension for use on the eBay site adds two new search listing filters, allowing users to filter out multiple countries and sellers in searches. The upload is now pending release in the Chrome Web Store and should (hopefully) be available soon.

Both filters are accessible from the Configure MedBetterBUY page (not the context menu). If you wish to list multiple countries or sellers, simply separate each by a comma. For example:

Currently the extension only works with the USA eBay site. If you need MedBetterBUY for a different country, let me know and I'll check what would need to be done to add that support.

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

MedBetterBUY Chrome extension for eBay updated with three new filters

By user request, the MedBetterBUY Chrome extension version 4.0 update, for use on the eBay site, adds three new listing filters: Pre-Owned, Open box, and Refurbished.

Each of the three new filters can be selected from the context menu, as well as set on the Configure MedBetterBUY page. They operate in the same fashion as the previous hide Top Seller entries option.

Monday, July 29, 2019

MedBetterDNA 5.1 update allows full length notes display on DNA results summary

MedBetterDNA 5.1 extension for the Chrome browser adds a new option called "show full length Notes". This option displays up to 99 lines of entry notes on the DNA results summary, rather than the AncestryDNA default of 2 lines.

Why limit it to 99 lines? Because when I set the extension to allow any number of lines, the browser ignored it. (Browser internals can occasionally misbehave.) Regardless, 99 lines seems like enough for almost any useful purpose, but if I'm wrong, someone should let me know, and probably will.