Sunday, June 21, 2020

Slightly Silly Spells app for Android initial release

Slightly Silly Spells app for Android is available in the Google Play Store!

101 simple, slightly silly, spells to cast for everyday life. All spells use commonly available  ingredients, if needed, to cast. No magical talent or power required.

Grouped in nine categories: Ability or Power, Animals and Insects, Appearance, Chance or Fate, Feeling or Emotion, Finances and Spending, Food, Protection, and Weather, the spells cover a multitude of circumstances, such as making you less likely to mispronounce words and feeling warmer in the sun. Share your cast spell to Facebook and Twitter.
This app and all of its content is for entertainment purposes only.

Get it on Google Play



  1. Michael, does MedBetter DNA WhatheHay still work?

  2. Last I knew, haven't checked since probably the start of the pandemic. Nobody has emailed or posted with a problem since last version(s).


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