Tuesday, January 9, 2018

MedBetterDNA custom note filters, version 2.0 update

MedBetterDNA has been updated to version 2.0 and should be soon available from the Chrome Web Store. It can take a couple of hours for the store to fully publish the update for download.

By user request, the MedBetterDNA version 2.0 update adds support for advanced filtering based on notes hashtags. These are the new show only Notes with hashtag and remove all Notes with hashtag selections.  The Always show Notes option must be checked for the advanced filtering to work (i.e. Notes must be showing on the results page). Up to three hashtags can be specified to show only notes containing one or more those hashtags, and up to three hashtags can be specified to remove any records with notes which contain one or more of the hashtags.

Hashtags are not case sensitive and can be part of a larger text string, with leading or trailing characters not in the hashtag, as long as they are preceded with a '#' character. Hashtags must be set or changed at the main Configure page, but afterward can be enabled and disabled through the context menu checkmarks. Always refresh the results page after changing a hashtag, otherwise the page will not display the revised filters and context menu.

As with the other settings, you can set things such that no display of any records is possible. Putting the same active hashtag in both show only Notes with hashtag and remove all Notes with hashtag selections will achieve this result.

Customize hashtag Notes filters on the context menu opens the same page as the Configure Options selection. It is included as a courtesy link to more easily remember how to customize hashtag filtering, as that does require using the Configure page.

The options page has been revised to show the new filter features:

To help explain use of the filters, here is an example of each type.

For this entry of the mysterious Z, the note shows as #hashtag99 123#yabbadabba. In the context menu for show only Notes with hashtag, if either hashtag #hashtag99 or hashtag #yabba or both were checked, only this record (and any other record with a matching hashtag) would be displayed.

In a similar fashion, if remove all Notes with hashtag was set to #hashtag99 or #yabba, then Z would be removed from the list of displayed records.

Given the significant changes made to the extension with version 2.0, there may be one or two operational errors. Drop a note if you find a clear error in behavior. 

As always, new or custom features may be made available upon request or negotiation.


  1. Thanks for this. One problem I'm I'm finding is that when you select a filter to remove entries with a certain # in notes, it removes all entries that do not have notes as well.

    1. Couple of small things popping not, not entirely unexpected given all the changes. I'd look for a minor fix update in the next few days.

  2. This is awesome, thank you so much!


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