Monday, April 15, 2019

MedBetterDNA now supports filtering out AncestryDNA results by Unlinked Tree

MedBetterDNA version 4.3, updated to add the feature of filtering by Unlinked Tree results. Unlinked Tree entries are normally shown on the AncestryDNA results page, but can be hidden from view via the standard context menu checkmark, or the extension options page.

That is all.


  1. Love the plugin. It has made working in Ancestry so much easier. Do you have any plans to add the 'show notes' option to the new ThruLines listing page?

  2. I've never used it, but I can take a look when I have time, to see what's involved and if it's feasible. I typically don't work on beta stuff because it's often subject to change which can completely break an extension based on things being a certain way internally, but Ancestry has made it openly public, so seems like it might be solid at this point.

    1. With the "warning label" for the July 1 updates - will this extension still work? How can I download my results?

    2. No it needs to be rewritten, but it will have to change significantly, as many or most of the filters' functionality has been copied by AncestryDNA's new site. What AncestryDNA means by downloading results must apply to a different extension, as MedBetterDNA does not save or store any results.


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