Sunday, June 30, 2019

New MedBetterDNA extension is planned and coming for the major AncestryDNA site update

I am indeed working on a new release of MedBetterDNA Chrome browser extension for the AncestryDNA site that will have at least two unique filters not found in the major AncestryDNA site update of July 1st, 2019.

Barring major issues, I anticipate a first release within the first half of July 2019. It will probably be fairly underpowered compared to the final version of the previous site's MedBetterDNA features, but it will continue to be enhanced and improved based on user feedback and requests. Significant filtering enhancements appear to remain a possibility with the new site. However, the extension will undergo what is almost a complete rewrite from scratch, so this will take time.

Honestly, for all the filter ideas AncestryDNA used in their update that were in my original extension, I think they ought to give me a free AncestryDNA subscription for life, but I am not so silly as to expect such a thing. They are certainly under no legal or moral obligation to do so.

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