MetaFilter Scripts and Extensions

This is a current list of Greasemonkey scripts and Chrome extensions written by me, typically by user request, including their download links and a short description. A longer description can be found at the download site, either Greasyfork or the Chrome Web Store.  These scripts have been successfully tested with MetaFilter following its recent redesign; they support both the modern and classic themes.
Not all the original Greasemonkey scripts from the now-defunct userscripts script repository site are shown, only those which had recent feedback from MetaFilter users and were subsequently updated. In addition to Greasemonkey and Chrome, there were one or two Safari extensions created along the way, but they never proved popular, and have not been updated to working status.

If there is a desired feature missing in a script or extension,  or if you want an update for an older script,  or you would like a new script or extension, please let me know. Should I have the time and inclination, I'll give it a shot. Controversial scripts requests are fine. Within very broad limits, I believe your personal freedoms should include the unencumbered ability to customize your own personal and private browsing experience of a site without outside interference.

Other Scripts and Extensions

MetaFilter users send the most script requests, but I have created scripts and extensions for other sites as well. This is a list of the other scripts or extensions currently supported and tested as working by me.

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