Monday, February 11, 2019

MedBetterWTHAY updated, new popup information window in family tree

MedBetterWTHAY, a Chrome extension for use with the Ancestry site to display extra family information in a popup window, has been updated with a new feature. It now shows a popup window of a person's relationship to you when the cursor is placed, or hovered, over that person's information box on the family tree page.

This option is only available for the top-down or vertical family tree display, and not the sideways or horizontal family tree display. It will activate after one second of hovering the mouse over any family tree entry.

A red line at the top of the box will show when the feature is activated by the mouse hover, and then there is a delay of varying time (less than one to several seconds) while the extension requests and loads the relationship information from the Ancestry site.

The original popup window showing Relationship and LifeStory for Find Person listings continues to operate as before.

I personally use this feature of the MedBetterWTHAY extension when I'm deep in the family tree and start to lose track of exactly who the heck I'm looking at.

Please note, the new family tree relationship is internally a lot more fiddly and fragile than other parts of the extension, or other Ancestry-related extensions. If the Ancestry site changes even a little bit, I would be wholly unsurprised if the change caused this feature to stop working properly. Just let me know and I'll see if I can make it all work again.

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