Friday, January 6, 2017

MedBetterDNA Chrome browser extension 1.2 update

New for 2017, version 1.2 of the MedBetterDNA extension fixes an incompatibility with the AncestryDNA site which caused the script to fail. This update has been successfully tested with the site as of January 2017.

MedBetterDNA can help people who have taken the AncestryDNA Test. The MedBetterDNA extension enhances the AncestryDNA Results website experience by adding more filtering options for the (possibly many thousands) of other people who are listed as potential DNA matches.

After installation, MedBetterDNA adds an entry for itself to the context menu (right mouse click). When your browser is at an AncestryDNA website address, the context menu selection shows the following checkbox choices: show Starred entries; show unStarred entries; show Moderate confidence; show Good confidence; show High confidence; show Very High confidence; show Extremely High confidence; show Locked trees; show No Family Trees; always show Notes; and Configure options;

In addition, MedBetterDNA has a stand-alone configure page to set the checkmark options if you cannot or do not wish to use the context menu. This is accessed from the Options links of MedBetterDNA on the Extension page of the Chrome browser.

By default, all options are checked except "always show Notes". When a checkmark is unchecked, all entries that match that condition are hidden from view. Note that it is perfectly possible to uncheck combinations which will hide all entries, e.g. uncheck both "show Starred entries" and "show unStarred entries".

If the "always show Notes" option is checked, all existing notes for DNA match entries will show on the main listing page simultaneously, without having to click on each note to see them one at a time.


  1. Downloaded this extension yesterday & cannot get it to "open" or work. I have right clicked and nothing happens. Please help me out.

  2. I will be back in the office next week July and will check for any issues then.


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