Sunday, September 14, 2014

Nancy, a Chrome browser extension for Metafilter

Nancy is a Chrome browser extension for use with Metafilter that can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store at Nancy allows filtering Metafilter posts and comments from view. You can choose to filter posts and comment, only posts, only comments, or show everything. A filter can be triggered by text in a post, the Metafilter user who made the post or comment, or a link within the post or comment. It works for both registered and unregistered (or not logged in) Metafilter users. Nancy is based on the diediedead Greasemonkey script, although it differs somewhat in actual operation.

There are two methods to use Nancy with Metafilter. First, you can use the context menu (right-click) to select what to filter, how to filter, and to go the configure menu. Or you can go directly to the configure menu by selecting Settings in Chrome, choosing Extensions, finding the entry for Nancy, and clicking on Options.

The context menu can be used to quickly create filters and to choose filter actions. If you right click on a user in a post or comment, Nancy's context menu will have an entry Filter for user which, when selected, adds a filter for that user. If you highlight text, the context menu will show Filter for text <selected text>. Right click on a link to Filter for base link (e.g. ""  will add a filter for any link that matches "".

Within the options page itself, place users whose posts you want filtered in the filter users text box, the text of posts you want filtered in the second text box, and posts containing sites you want filtered in the third box. Note that the user name must be an exact match. Text filters are are not case sensitive and considered to be a whole word or set of words, e.g. "cow" will not match "cows", but "BIG COWS" will match "big cows". Sites match any part of a link.

To turn off all filters, choose Show all content. If filters should apply to both posts and comments to posts, choose Filter posts and comments, otherwise choose filters only or posts only.

If you have questions about using the extension, post them here.

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