Wednesday, September 7, 2011

1st Class Flight Attendant Assistant update

Version 2.8 of First Class Flight Attendant Assistant app for iOS was submitted to the App Store today and should be available for download in a few days.

Added 11 new seating charts by users' request, listed below. Fixed title for Airbus 330-300 (Envoy 30 seats), fixed title and removed extra seats displayed for Boeing 777-200LR (Business Elite 45 seats). View the full list of the 105 aircraft supported by First Class Flight Attendant Assistant at

    Airbus 319 (8 seats 1-2 ABEF)
    Airbus 319 (12 seats 1-3 ABCD)
    Airbus 320 (12 seats 1-3 ABEF)
    Boeing 747-400 (Business main deck 32 seats)
    Boeing 747-400 (Business upper deck 20 seats)
    Boeing 757-200 (24 seats 1-6 ABEF)
    Boeing 757-300 (24 seats 1-6 ABCD)
    Boeing 777-200 (10 seats)
    Boeing 777-200 (Business 40 seats)
    Boeing 777-200 (Business 45 seats)
    Boeing 777-200 (Business 49 seats)

The Android version 2.8 update will be posted to the Android Market next week.

Work is underway for version 3.0, which will contain several features requested by users. It is scheduled for submission at the end of September or early October. If you have any questions, feature requests, or comments, please post them here.


  1. I have used the app now several times and love it.
    The app needs a screen with totals of meals ordered by passengers. This will facilitate loading proper totals in the oven.
    Another feature that would be nice to have is a screen that separates the sides instead of just having the galley list with all the seating on that list.

    Thanks for making our job easier with this app.

  2. Thanks for your feedback.

    The upcoming version 3.0 update will have a new galley view sorted by meal, so I'll add total counts to the meal headers. I think that covers your first request.

    There has been another request to add a galley view that is more representational of the seating view; we are still figuring out what design would work best, so that may be a 3.x update feature.

    Please let me know if you have further comments or questions about new or planned features.


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