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First Class Flight Attendant Assistant app information

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First Class Flight Attendant Assistant app for Android and iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) devices assists first class flight attendants by tracking passengers’ food and drink requests, optionally with their name, status, and notes. Seating and galley view. Provides meal, food, beverage, mixed drink, and status code lists that can be edited, added, and deleted.

Requested and field tested by flight attendants for over 90 different aircraft. Supports First Class, Business Elite, Business First, Business, Club World, Envoy, Executive, and Executive First seating for Airbus A319, A320, A321, A330, A380; Boeing 737, 747, 757, 767, 777; Bombardier CRJ; Embraer ERJ; and McDonnell Douglas DC-9, MD-80, MD-88, and MD-90.

The full list of supported aircraft is at If your aircraft is not listed, let us know and we will add it in a future update.


  1. I'm very interested in this app. But before I buy it, I'd like to:
    *be able to edit a seating chart, or create my own,
    *have the meal tally available somewhere, so I can delete the choices as they are given away,
    *have a list of frequently requested drinks,
    *something to show if they are interested in Duty Free,
    *something to show if they are using extra entertainment devices (we loan Bose headsets at AA)
    *something to show if they would like to be awaken for the following services.
    Can this be done?


  2. Thank you for your inquiry. Following is information about your requested features:

    1. Configurable seating charts are one of the most requested items for a future update. They were discussed with flight attendants when First Class Flight Attendant Assistant was first being developed. At that time, the overall preference was to have the seating charts for their flights already built into the app. Also, it turned out that many related seating charts had slight variations in actual seat layout, along with the differing seat numbers.

    To mitigate the problem for FAs who flew on an aircraft with an unsupported configuration, we generally release an update supporting newly requested charts within 2-4 weeks of the time the requests are made. All validated chart requests are filled in the next update of the app. As of the current version 2.7, several of the major airlines now have all first class and comparable charts available in the app.

    Given the time and resources necessary to design and build a useful and easy-to-use aircraft configuration editor, it may be a while before such an editor is added as a feature. My current thinking is that it would be work best to simply allow users to override an existing seating chart with new numbers as a custom version. We plan to add such a feature soon, but likely not in the forthcoming update that is scheduled for submission next week.

    2. Food item totals can be set for each meal in Configuration. As a food is assigned to a passenger, the total is automatically reduced. At zero, the food item is not shown as a selection (Android) or shows as zero available and cannot be selected (iOS).

    3. Any number of drink types can be added by the user to the available drink list, as an available selection. The custom drink list is retained indefinitely.

    4, 5, and 6. There are two ways which this can currently be handled. First, the notes section for each passenger is free form and allows multiple lines of text. You can place as much extra information in the notes section as you want or need. Passenger notes are viewable from the seating view,the galley view, and configuration.

    Second, status codes are fully customizable and can be assigned as a visual cue to the seating chart with eight different colors. While many flight attendants use status codes to assign a typical airline status of, for example, Platinum to a passenger, there is no requirement that the codes are limited to this usage.

    If, for example, you wish a visual cue that a passenger is using a Bose headset, you could create a status code of “Bose headset”, with a color of purple, and any passenger with that status would have their seat display in purple in the seating view, and as a status header in the galley view. Custom status codes and their color assignments are retained indefinitely.

    If you have further questions, please let me know. Thank you.


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