Tuesday, July 5, 2011

First Class Flight Attendant Assistant update 2.6 submitted to App Store.

Version 2.6 of the First Class Flight Attendant Assistant app has been submitted to the App Store and should be available for download in a few days.

Added 9 seating charts for the aircraft listed below by user request. Improved tab bar icons for normal and high resolution displays.
  • Airbus 330-200 (Envoy 20 seats)
  • Airbus 330-300 (Envoy 24 seats)
  • Airbus 330-300 (Executive First 37 seats)
  • Boeing 747-400 (Upper Class 34 seats 6-20 ADGK)
  • Boeing 747-400 (Upper Class 34 seats 12-25 ADGK)
  • Boeing 747-400 (Upper Class upper deck 20 seats)
  • Boeing 767-300XM (Executive First 24 seats)
  • Boeing 777-200LR (Executive First 42 seats)
  • Boeing 777-300ER (Executive First 42 seats)
We have received a couple of seating chart requests via email where we requested more information, but did not receive a reply. If you still have a pending seating chart request not listed above, please let us know so we can add your seating chart to the list of supported charts. Thanks.

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