Saturday, April 23, 2011

First Class Flight Attendant Assistant update 2.0 submitted to App Store

Version 2.0 update of First Class Flight Attendant Assistant was submitted to the App Store  Friday evening. It should be approved and available for download within a week.

Added passenger status code and colors.

New feature supports adding and editing passenger status codes. Passenger status codes can have different seat colors for maximum visibility.

Added 3 new seating charts, listed below:
  •  Airbus 330 (Business 27 seats)
  •  Boeing 767-300 (30 seats)
  •  McDonnell Douglas MD-80 (16 seats 3-6 ABEF)
If you have new seating charts to request, please let us know. We are requesting feedback on flight attendants who work with first class sections that have more than 7 rows.

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