Sunday, March 6, 2011

First Class Flight Attendant Assistant update 1.3 submitted to App Store (now available)

The version 1.3 update of First Class Flight Attendant Assistant was submitted to the App Store. It usually takes about a week for Apple to approve the update, although it can vary by several days either way.

By user requests, version 1.3 adds support for 12 seating charts:
  •      Boeing 737-800 (16 seats 1-4 ACDF)
  •      Boeing 737-900 (16 seats 1-4 ACDF)
  •      Boeing 767-200 (25 seats)
  •      Boeing 767-400ER (35 seats)
  •      Boeing 777-200 (8 seats)
  •      Boeing 777-200 (12 seats)
  •      Boeing 777-200 (14 seats)
  •      Boeing 777-200 (16 seats)
  •      Boeing 777-200 (36 seats)
  •      Boeing 777-200ER A zone (26 seats)
  •      Boeing 777-200ER B zone (24 seats)
  •      Boeing 777-300 (14 seats)
A version 1.4 list is being compiled of additional seating charts that have been requested, including additional Boeing 757 and 767 models. If you have a specific seating chart that you would like the app to support, please let us know. Version 1.4 will likely be submitted 1-2 weeks after 1.3 is approved, so now is a good time to make your request.

Thanks to everyone for their excellent feedback and support, but especially to Bill, Heather, and Judy.

UPDATE: The 1.3 update is now available for download. Thanks for the quick approval, Apple.


  1. Can you ad the Airbus 330-200 (20 seats) and 330-300?

  2. Please post the airline with a 20-seat configuration for an Airbus 330-200. I don't see a 20-seat version listed in the common airlines, but I may have overlooked it. It should not be a problem to add the desired configuration to the version 1.5 update list.

    The Airbus 330-300 also has several possible configurations, although one of them may be more problematic. One configuration has 13 rows, which is too simply large to fit in the normal display without support for scrolling, which we had hoped to avoid. Support for scrolling may be a future enhancement. Please let us know your desired Airbus 330-300 configuration.

    Thanks for your feedback.


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